These graphic design and advertising projects didn't fit in with the first four pages, so here they are together as a more general category. Subjects include my wedding, a client’s son’s bar mitzvah, music album art, various ad campaigns, restaurant menus, and more.

Wedding invitations & materials for a 1920s themed celebration

Bar mitzvah invitations

Trade magazine advertisements for diesel particulate filters

Poster design for "The Great Gatsby" dance production

Program layout and design for "The Great Gatsby" dance production

Poster design for "The Picture of Dorian Gray" dance production

Poster design for "Romeo & Juliet" dance production

Editorial design samples

Greenpeace ad campaign targeting smog in california

"#Pidcast" T-shirt graphic for "I Love You, Mana" podcast

"Lest in Show" T-shirt graphic for Mike Lester, comedian

Kelly's Korner Bar menu design

Seoul Grille menu design

Album art for "Spooky Man" by The Mad Libs

Grand opening materials for Greek jeweler, Korinthos Jewelry

Album art for "Crabman vs Stingray" by The Cosmos

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